Our Story


Clever Beard Company was started by people who were in the simple pursuit of a better beard experience. For years, our founder, Ryan, agonized over finding superior men's products at a reasonable price. Starting his own company was always a dream of his but it was the product that eluded him. In 2019, while watching beard reviewers who would provide their take on the best beard products out there, Ryan had an epiphany. Why not start your own company based on making beards look their best. He took the winnings from a fantasy baseball league that he won and poured it all into materials for building beard oil. The name of his fantasy baseball team that won him the money to start a company? Clever Baseball Name. And the rest as they say......is history. 

At Clever Beard, we live to serve three simple principles:

1) Your product should be unique and creative

2) Your customer service should be impeccable

3) Your product should create an experience and have purpose.

Clever Beard products are handmade in the U.S.A. by American workers and are sourced from the finest ingredients in the world!