Grow a Holiday Beard. What you need to know

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Get over your awkward phase and come out with an Festive looking 'Holiday Beard'

Dedication and patience. A full beard takes some work, and part of that work includes these two values. Growing a beard is not all about “letting time do its thing” or just “sitting and watching the grass grow”. It requires going through the motions of taking care of it and getting through the dreaded awkward stage.

The awkward stage of beard growing hits men at around 2-3 weeks in. Your beard is definitely no longer just some scratchy stubble, but it isn’t quite a full beard too. Not yet, at least.

This is where dedication comes into play. Once you’ve decided to grow out a full beard, having the right mindset along with the right tools is essential. You can prepare yourself to successfully get over the awkward beard stage by laying out a healthy groundwork (your skin) and sticking to your game plan.

 Using a beard oil packed with organic ingredients will do the trick. The skin needs to be healthy in order to grow out a full beard. Think of beard oil as a supplement that will kickstart the growth of a nice full beard. Prepping your skin by incorporating beard oil as part of your routine will ultimately help you get out of the awkward stage faster.

Here’s an example game plan for you:

  1. Add a good quality beard oil to your daily facial care routine. This helps nourish and hydrate the skin which allows for easier hair growth. A softened outer layer of skin will also be easier for the beard hair to break out of, allowing more hair to grow out at once. Gently massage it into your skin to make sure it is absorbed properly.
  2. You don’t have to do this daily and do try to be gentle when you do. Keep in mind that what you want to encourage is a healthy skin environment from which your beard will thrive. Doing this once every two days with a face brush or exfoliating glove can help get rid of the dead skin layers which sometimes contributes to the patchiness you see during the awkward stage. This also helps you avoid having ingrown hair!
  3. Apart from setting up a healthy beard-growing environment, you can get past the awkward stage by learning some styling tricks. Use a beard balm with a light mango butter base and your trusty old beard comb to help you style that your beard. Mango butter is a vitamin-rich organic byproduct from mango seeds which makes up the base of Clever Beard balms. Paired with white beeswax, it provides just enough hold to let you manage and style your awkward beard growth. Comb and style in a way that minimizes patchiness. Get the illusion of a fuller-looking beard by redirecting hair where it is needed.

Now, patience. Allow the organic ingredients to work their goodness into your skin and beard. Next thing you know, you’re past the awkward stage and you’re rocking a full beard! Sticking to the basic routine above has long-term benefits which will allow you to enjoy growing out your beard even after a full, clean shave.

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