Benefits of Beard Oil - What you need to know to grow

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The Benefits of Beard Oil 

Less is more, but sometimes, a little something can add so much more to your experience. Men have far less “beauty” products but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any at all––especially when you’re a bearded gentleman.

Your beard needs care, attention, a bit of loving. This is where beard oil comes in. What is it, and what are the benefits of using it?

Beard oils are a blend of oils designated to help promote beard health. It can be a mix of two, three, or even more oils that encourage beard growth. A healthy beard looks way better than one which is just left to grow out on its own without any support, and this is what good beard oil does.

Is it magic in a bottle? Not necessarily. It can take some time to let the beard oil work its wonders on you, but when it does… You’ll be in for a treat.

Using beard oil helps hydrate your facial skin. Hydrated skin means having a healthier environment for your hair follicles, and a healthy environment leads to improved beard hair growth. Just a few drops worked into your routine can make a noticeable difference especially if you tend to have dry skin. Your skin will thank you as it drinks up the nourishing goodness of your selected beard oil. Pro tip: Choose organic beard oils. Your skin will be more receptive to organic substances instead of chemical or synthetic ingredients.

Once your skin has adjusted to having beard oil added to your routine, you will notice that it is more supple and more elastic. This is a good thing when you’re trying to grow a beard as it helps avoid ingrown hairs. The itchy phase can be annoying in and of itself, but with supple skin, to begin with, you can help reduce the itchiness and chances of developing ingrown hair as it can push out of your now supple skin easier. 

Don’t stop using beard oil just yet! Even if you already have a full beard, keeping it in your routine is great as it will help fight dandruff. Let’s face it––you can get it sometimes. The harsh winter air, or maybe you’re just a little dehydrated… these factors can contribute to flakiness underneath your beard and beard oil can help fight off the flakes. If you are prone to flakiness, look for beard oils that have some tea tree, peppermint, jojoba, or coconut oil in them to keep those flakes at bay.

You will also notice an overall healthy beard hair appearance when you’re using beard oils. Human hair benefits from a healthy layer of oil to keep it conditioned and protected from the elements, and your beard is no different. Good beard oil can supplement your beard hair especially if it is rich in vitamins E and C. The texture and feel of your beard will be praise-worthy when conditioned with a good quality beard oil! 

Did we tell you you’d also smell amazing? There are many different scent profiles for beard oils and applying some will add a splash of crisp freshness to you. Beard oils can also tame frizzy beards and give a bit of shine to those who need it. Imagine walking into a room looking like a fine gentleman. They might never know your clever secret but those few drops of beard oil will work their charm and will help give you an overall more polished look.

Of the many beard products out there, a bottle of beard oil is your most basic but power-packed ally when it comes to maintaining your beard. Good for beginner beard growers or even old-timers, a bottle of beard oil goes a long way and you won’t regret adding it to your beard care routine.

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