The Difference between Beard Balms and Beard Butter.

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The Difference between Beard Balm and Beard Butter

It pays to be a smart consumer. With a plethora of choices out there for you, how do you know which one to use? Let’s take a quick crash course on the differences between beard balms and beard butter to help you step up your beard game.

Beard balms and beard butter have a very similar ingredients list when compared with beard oils. However, their texture and purpose are really different. The main difference you would notice is the presence and addition of natural butter and waxes.

The top players in the butter category include shea butter and mango butter, while beeswax and lanolin wax dominate the wax section. The primary difference between beard balms and beard butter is the amount of wax they contain. For a product to be considered as beard butter, it has little to no wax in its ingredients list. Beard balms, on the other hand, have a significant amount of wax in them.

You can gauge how much wax is in the product by checking out where they are in the ingredients list. Ingredients are listed depending on the number of ingredients present in each container, with the primary ingredient listed as the very first entry. Therefore, if wax of any sort is higher up on the list, that product is highly likely to be labeled as a balm. If there is no wax or if it is listed closer to the end of the list, the product you’re looking at is most likely a butter.

Because of this difference in ingredient proportions, you may notice that beard balms often come in smaller tins compared to the tub-sized containers beard butter come in. Beard butter can range from thick and creamy to even almost like a lotion inconsistency. Balms, on the other hand, are much thicker and would sometimes require a bit of warming up in your palms for even distribution. Both of these products can serve as moisturizing agents to keep your beard healthy and in good condition.

So, which one should you use?

Offering a bit of hold is necessary when you’re looking to style your beard. As such, investing in a good beard balm to help you style your beard is a great move. You can use your beard balm of choice, particularly during the awkward stage to help sort of cover-up bald patches if you have any. The hold allows you to give form to your beard hair. Balms are beneficial for those who have shorter beards, and for those with somehow coarse beard hair to help tame it a bit.

Beard butter, on the other hand, are great for when you want to manage longer beards and keep some of the frizz away. Balms can still work for longer beards, but butter allows longer beards a bit more movement since it offers little to no hold. It is also lighter, so it does not make longer beards appear stiff.

It is ideal to choose organic beard products to reap maximum benefits whenever you apply them. Chemical waxes tend to build up faster, so choose balms made with organic wax like beeswax to ensure they wash right off when you shower. Another trick to leveling up your beard health is to use the butter in conjunction with beard oils as a nighttime conditioner. Work it into your beard and wash it off in the morning for a deep conditioned look and feel.

Keep these little differences in mind when in the market for a beard product and you’ll definitely be able to find the one that suits your beard’s needs!

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